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If there is anywhere in the world that makes you want to live outside as much as possible, while enjoying the amenities of home, it has to be Albuquerque. Summers are dry and warm, winters powdery and white, and spring and fall transition with wildflowers and fall leaves. There is a lot to like in Albuquerque, and we are as proud of it as you are.

One of the opportunities we do have is making the most of our outdoor time, and extending our lives into it as much as possible. One of the nicest additions you can add to a home, or even a business, is a patio to get outside while still accessible to the rest of the building. Albuquerque Asphalt knows this, and is happy to work with you in making that patio a reality.

As one of the top installers of concrete patios in Albuquerque, we pride ourselves in working with you or your contractor or architect to make that outside world accessible by means of a correctly installed patio. Whether you choose concrete or pavers, our installation teams are experienced and efficient, and keep a clean workspace that they leave clean when the job is complete.

We like beautiful things that compliment your home or business. That is why we offer stained and/or stamped concrete patio work in Albuquerque. Patterns ranging from stone to tile to slate and more, with colors that match your building or setting, are all available for a reasonable cost. Contact us for a free estimate and share your ideas with us. Our professional staff will give input about your location, drainage, and other important issues to assure a beautiful, safe, economical installat

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There are occasions when a patio would be a very nice thing, especially for workspaces, job sites, and other temporary but longer-term use. C & H can give you a patio paver installation quote as an economical alternative to a more permanent concrete installation. Pavers can be taken up later when necessary, and reused at another job site even. We believe in cost controls while meeting opportunities and challenges head on, so pavers might be a smart if temporary solution for your business or site.

We are all pretty aware of our sensitive local natural environment we enjoy here in New Mexico. Knowing that, drainage and percolation, or simply cost, might be a consideration in your patio installation. Contact Albuquerque Asphalt to chat about an alternative, or temporary, installation of pavers. Patio pavers in Albuquerque make sense when you need water to go straight in, have no curb or gutter system, or simply want a more natural, nature friendly patio. Contact us and see how creative solutions that honor our local natural setting come together at Albuquerque Asphalt.

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