Pothole Repair

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If there is anything that can ruin your day in our beautiful area, it is hitting a bad pothole. If you are lucky, it will only mess up your vehicle’s alignment. If it is bad, well, you might be sitting there a while waiting for a tow truck. Albuquerque potholes are sort of famous, and not in a good way.

Potholes are part of Albuquerque, whether we like them or not. Our winter weather with the plowing and runoff cause enough problems, but most people do not realize asphalt actually holds moisture. When it does, and moisture – water – freezes, it expands, pushing whatever is in its way out of its way. That includes asphalts grains and particles, breaking down the base in the process. As the water continues to seep, it worsens the problem by washing out roadbed, creating bigger, more challenging potholes. You get the picture.

When dealing with potholes in Albuquerque, just glopping some hot mix into the hole and whacking it down with a shovel does not get it. That is how a lot of contractors do pothole repair in Albuquerque. Not Albuquerque Asphalt. We know that mess will not adhere and will be out of that hole before the Avalanche scores their next goal.

Pothole repair requires understanding what made the hole in the first place, the condition of the roadbed under it, and how to build up inside the hole to provide a solid base and something for the repair patch slurry to adhere to. It has to be correctly packed in, in layers, and tamped properly from the top to make sure it goes into all the crevices and holes creating a finger-like shape to hold it into place. That is how you fix a pothole.

Asphalt Maintenance

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If your business, institution, or HOA has a large area paved with asphalt, such as a parking lot, roadways, loading ramp and dock area, or a court, you need to watch for pothole development and call Albuquerque Asphalt. Potholes hold water like a small pond, allowing moisture to penetrate deeper, causing more issues as our freezing and thawing cycles continue. Pothole maintenance in Albuquerque and the surround area is a service we provide, and it is reasonable. Fixing a small problem can save a much larger one from developing, as well as considerable expense.

Potholes are not just confined to winter here in Albuquerque, though. Summer heat conditions, along with the increased traffic including heavy equipment and trucks during construction season, can break down a roadbed at a surprising rate.
Albuquerque Asphalt can respond to even single pothole repairs to maintain integrity and safety of those roadbeds, ready to receive tourists, locals, and workers delivering equipment and supplies.

Call a local small business that can handle any size job and does them well. We enjoy solid relationships with home owners associations, shopping centers, schools, and other large facilities where potholes are a liability and maintenance is a must. We pride ourselves on excellent workmanship, fair prices, and clean jobsites, and have since 2013. It just might make those potholes cause a smile.

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