Preventative Asphalt Maintenance

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Too often people tend to look at a roadbed or parking lot being laid with hot asphalt and think, “well, that is done.” Reality is, it does not work that way with asphalt surfaces. Asphalt, like any other surface, requires maintenance. When done correctly, that roadway or lot will last a very long time, but if not maintained, especially in a place like Albuquerque, it has a reduced lifespan and leads to increased expense.

Winter weather, summer heat and UV, heavy equipment, ice and snow removal, rain seepage, all affect asphalt and wear off over time the protective wet seal coating applied at the time the asphalt was installed. Asphalt maintenance in Albuquerque is a must if you want the surface to last, be safe, and add value to your property or as a provision for your location or customers.

Many places that have asphalt for hard surfaces tend to let things go, and then end up having to go to bid, pull permits, get inspections and assessment or impact studies, and end up having to pull up a lot of surface and have the entire base and lay redone. That is a very expensive and tedious, time consuming way to take care of a capital expense for your business. At Albuquerque Asphalt, we believe smart prevention is a good cure to add longevity to your asphalt surfaces.

First in the Albuquerque area to offer asphalt maintenance agreements, Albuquerque will assess your current surfacing and make suggestions including a quarterly scheduled walking assessment of the condition of your asphalt surfaces. If we find cracks, potholes, or other issues, we will deal with them while we are there. If the surface requires wet sealing, or other more extensive work in a timely manner to keep your asphalt in good condition and looking great, we will show you the issue, explain the options, and provide a quote to repair the situation or renew the surface at a substantial discount.

Asphalt Maintenance

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Cracks that develop in asphalt due to runoff and freezing and thawing lead to moisture intrusion into the base below your surface. This continued freezing and thawing causes larger, more serious breakdown of your surface, called alligator cracking in the industry due to the patterns they tend to create. These large cracks create trip hazards and potential damage to vehicles, both reasons that asphalt crack filling in Albuquerque needs to be done as soon as cracks develop and by a professional company that understands how to apply the material to stop the problem correctly.

Curb appeal is important for customer impressions, and a solid, reliable, reasonable asphalt maintenance program will keep your customers pleased and property values up while making your business or school look sharp. Albuquerque Asphalt knows how to do crack filing that works in Albuquerque’s variable and sometimes harsh weather. Let us give you a free quote for a preventive asphalt maintenance program. There is no up front charge, and it can save you time, money, and the mess of doing a challenging job yourself. Our professional experienced staff would love take one more unwelcome maintenance job off your hands.

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