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Tourists. Snow. Snow plows and scrapers. Summer sun beating down. Snow and mud tires. Semis. UV damage. Scraping rackets. Spilled chemicals and corrosives. Exhaust. Leaching. Cars constantly coming and going. Plain old aging. All these are things cause paint on your parking lot, tennis court, roadways in your development, and anywhere else there is a marked, hard surface to flake off, fade, and go away.

Parking lot striping in Albuquerque, in particular, takes a beating due to constant use and tire contact it undergoes day in and day out. Lots of vehicle traffic also means snow and mud tires, and particulates from fumes setting on the surface, all of which break down and remove more paint. And, parking lot striping is really important to your customers and your bottom line. Those little lines mean more people in your store or business instead of a few people parking like they had a 40-mule wagon train with them.

Marking hard surfaces is not limited to those solid yellow and dashed white lines on the road. Albuquerque striping can include any number of needs besides parking, docks, and roadbeds. Outside tennis and basketball, shuffleboard, and other courts all need marked correctly. Playgrounds too. When you need a company for an odd striping job, no matter how large or small, give Albuquerque  Asphalt a call. Our quotes are always free and we pride ourselves in pricing fair and reasonably. We are a small business and local, and we strongly believe every customer is important, no matter the size of their task.

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When your business, institution, warehouse, or other new construction needs a parking area, dock, or handicapped parking specially designated, Albuquerque Asphalt will not only know what you need and how to do it correctly, it will know the regulations for sizes, proper symbols and signage, and will make suggestions is they see things that can make your employees, vendors, or customers lives easier and safer. Striping in Albuquerque done right provides traffic and crowd control, safety in your receiving areas, and keeps vehicles where they belong and not where they don’t.

Parking lot restriping in Albuquerque can be a challenge, though, due to our weather and our traffic during tourist season. No business wants their lot down for striping when they are busy with customers, and customers do not like the inconvenience of big portions of the lot being cordoned off. That is why years of experience has taught the team of Albuquerque Asphalt when the best times are to restripe your lot with the least inconvenience possible.

If you like courteous service provided by an experienced, professional team who knows what they are doing when your striping or restriping job arises, give Albuquerque Asphalt a call. We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and clean job sites. That way you will not have to be concerned that your stripes will look like blobs where someone set down the can of paint. Ever.

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