Asphalt Repair

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Not all asphalt contractors in Albuquerque are created equal. They will tell you they are full service and really are not. Some do just certain jobs, like paving, to maximize profits. Others go after large on-going contracts. We do not believe in doing business that way here at Albuquerque Asphalt. We do it all and have since 2013, including the asphalt repair work that many contractors turn up their nose at because sometimes the job is simply small.

Small or large, we do it all, and will do it with the same courtesy, professional care, and clean workmanship we have always been known for. It does not matter if it is one pothole, a single crack, or a whole wet seal job, Albuquerque Asphalt knows that each customer, and each asphalt repair job, is important to the investment made in that surface. We pride ourselves on every customer getting the attention their job deserves, no matter how large or small.

As locals who have been doing asphalt repair in Albuquerque for many years, we understand the particulars about our region and the challenges our weather, soil conditions, and equipment used for snow removal pose to asphalt surfaces. Moisture, freezing, and runoff are particularly challenging to any asphalt surface and cause them to break down, damaging both the asphalt and the roadbed below. Rain and snow scour off the wet seal protection on the surface of the asphalt and must be reapplied to maintain the integrity of the material. Using Albuquerque Asphalt, the top asphalt paving services company in Albuquerque, CO assures you a quality job, workmanship based on years of experience, and a clean jobsite.

Asphalt Maintenance

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Asphalt repair in Albuquerque is not something you want to attempt yourself. At the least, it is messy and dirty. At its most challenging, it can be down right dangerous is you do not know how to work with the chemicals and hot tar. And, honestly, most inexperienced repairs to asphalt result in unsightly repair jobs. Do yourself a favor and let our professional experienced staff at Albuquerque Asphalt keep you out of the heat and mess and safe. You will be grateful you did.

When we do your asphalt repair work, the job area is kept clean and we clean up after ourselves when complete, something every contractor should do, but does not always. We will also educate you every step of the process, and explain how our maintenance program works to handle repairs and paving issues before they become bigger problems in the future. We take pride in our beautiful area, and try to leave as little environmentally impacting footprint as possible.

Doing repairs on a black surface with the Albuquerque summer sun beating down is not a lot of people’s idea of fun. Honestly, it isn’t, but it has to be done, and it has to be done right. Albuquerque Asphalt will do your asphalt repair or asphalt paving job right the first time. That Is our reputation, and we work hard to keep it like that.

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