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Here at Albuquerque Asphalt we love it when we do something that is not what it looks like.

A lot of times when a new business opens or a home has an open house after being completed, our happy customers ask us to come by for a visit. They appreciate the good job we do, the fair prices we quote, an environmentally responsible product, and the clean workmanship done at their site. They probably have already found out what we educate them regarding their concrete drive, walk, or patio, and that sets them up for some questions from their visitors.

Many of our pleased customers glow when they see their new concrete work that, well, just does not look like what you would expect concrete to look like. Instead, they run into tumbled river stones, tidy brick, or irregular natural colored slate. They might even look like local flagstone. And that is where the fun begins.

Visitors to the open house will often comment on their beautiful, natural, expensive stone or brick walkways. Sometimes those comments are even whispered to their spouse or buddy. Inevitably our customer will pipe up and tell them proudly that no, they did not use up New Mexico natural resources, it is concrete. More often than not the comment is met with disbelief and somebody bending over to run their hand over the surface, to exclaim, “Well, it still looks like…!”

Yes, we know. We take a lot of pride in our stamped concrete sidewalks, walkways, drives, and even stamped concrete patios in and around Albuquerque. Because often until you touch, and sometimes even not then and you look really close, you can not tell it from the more expensive, not always as durable or safe, and certainly not as sustainable, product they thought it was.

Asphalt Maintenance

Stamped concrete sidewalks

Stamped concrete in Albuquerque provides a durable, long lasting, tough to the elements alternative to harvested natural stone or trucked in brick. Available in a myriad of patterns and textures, the stamping is done at a depth that not only allows great detail and texture, but a lasting pattern on the concrete. Combined with staining and good finish work, most people have to look twice – or touch and look close – to tell it is not the real thing. And, due to concrete’s natural finish, it tends to provide a bit more safety for slippage during ice and snow or rainy seasons. If you have ever stepped on a large wet river rock, you know exactly what we mean.

Albuquerque Asphalt takes great pride in their concrete stamping work. We take our time to make sure it looks good and is right. Our expert team keeps your jobsite clean, explains each step of the process, and will make recommendations for keeping your stamped solid surface looking good through regular maintenance.

Our quotes are free, our work reliable and reasonable. Check out our stamping and you will know why so many happy home and business owners have utilized our services.

stamped concrete sidewalks albuquerque nm

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